Fiercely personal representation

No matter how tough the case, we fearlessly advocate for our clients and their loved ones to ensure they recover fair and full compensation for their injuries. At Legate we take every personal injury case personally. We have the knowledge and the strength to stand up to insurance companies and powerful organizations on behalf of injured persons. When lives, careers and families are permanently changed, we are there to help get your life back. Legate is recognized by lawyers across Canada as excellent advocates and by our clients as supportive people who work hard to obtain results for them.


We think the way we train our team says a lot about who we are.

Every new employee’s training program includes “The Legate Talk”. They’re asked to think about the person they love the most, and imagine how they would feel if that person was seriously injured. Every lawyer, law clerk and support staff member is then challenged to think about how they would like to be treated if they came through Legate’s front door. This is how our staff are asked to frame every decision they make during their time at Legate.  

Our team always aims to be thorough, effective and caring advocates by ensuring every client is treated fairly. Each case we take on receives the full attention of our legal team, from free consultation to resolution. 


When our firm was established in 1996, Barbara Legate built her business on the foundation of her own personal ethics that first and foremost serve the client. From Legate’s very beginnings, Barbara chose to act for people instead of insurance companies, by personally investing herself in every case she took on. This approach has formed the roots of the firm that have held steady through over two decades of growth and change.

In May of 2012, Barbara welcomed her first business partner, Joni Dobson. Joni works tirelessly to take a stand on behalf of her clients at Legate. Joni believes that an injured person should have a strong advocate who will go the full distance when required to obtain fair results.

In July of 2018, Barbara Legate and Joni Dobson welcome a third partner to Legate. Barbara MacFarlane joined our partnership at Legate. She shares the values of excellence in personal injury litigation and service to clients that Legate exemplifies.

Legate puts its trust in employees that support a shared goal of client-centered service, and who work tirelessly on behalf of their clients in personal injury matters. Legate litigates some of the toughest cases, because our entire team is committed to affecting real change. We aggressively confront the failings that lead to preventable and serious injuries.


Legate is dedicated to partnering with local organizations and charities to help make the community a more vibrant and safe place to live. Legate has partnered on a number of initiatives with organizations like the Children’s Health Foundation, the Brain Injury Association of London and Middlesex, Spinal Cord Injury Ontario and Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Over the years, Legate’s partners and staff have also sat on a number of community boards and committees. 

Legate’s team members have volunteered time and offered funds in support of a number of organizations advocating for children’s health and safety, child literacy, distracted/drunk driving prevention, and breast and prostate cancer research. 

The Legate team also believes it’s important to support future lawyers. That’s why Legate works with the University of Western Ontario on a number of projects to help law students understand the reality of practicing law.

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