December 7, 2015

  Laura Camarra Personal Injury Lawyer   The London region was singled out in the report as having the highest increase in complaints against long-term care homes, up by 47% in 2014 as compared to 2013. This is also in stark contrast to the average across the province, which saw a 13% increase in complaints […]

November 2, 2015

Children’s Health Foundation: “Thank you to Barbara Legate, who donated $75,000, and Legate and Associates, who donated $150,000, to help support research into preventing rear occupant motor vehicle crash-related injuries. This award-winning research by Children’s Health Research Institute researcher Dr. Doug Fraser and his team is looking at the particular needs of and risks for […]

September 23, 2015

  Legate & Associates, Barbara Legate and Joni Dobson were sued by a doctor we have sued on behalf of over 60 women and children. Dr. Cathy Frank’s case against us was seen by the Ontario Court of Appeal as a “collateral attack” against those lawsuits. In a precedent-setting decision, the first in Canada, Ontario’s […]

August 28, 2015

A five-judge panel of the Court of Appeal just over-ruled its own decision from 1953 on vicarious liability of the owner of a vehicle being driven on the highway. This week, the Court released its decision in Fernandes v. Araujo (2015 ONCA 571) about the liability of the owner of an ATV driven on the […]

April 1, 2015

For Immediate Release Legate & Associates Issues claims against local Nursing Homes “The time has come for accountability and protection of the vulnerable, especially our senior citizens” London, ON –  Legate & Associates, a London law firm,  announced on Tuesday that it has commenced a lawsuit claiming $5.8M in damages arising from abuse and neglect […]

March 2, 2015

Click here to access the full article from the 2015 Legal Elite in the Business London Magazine.

February 27, 2015

 This blog post was contributed by Joni Dobson, OTLA Director and Lawyer with Legate & Associates LLP.        In Ontario, individuals have the right to access their personal health information contained in a hospital chart. You can request copies of your medical records from a hospital, and for a fee, they will be provided to you. There […]

February 19, 2015

This year Western Law held the inaugural Legate & Associates Medical Malpractice Moot. This moot was developed to provide students with practical trial-level advocacy experience in the health law field. This moot was developed by the student-led Western Health Law Association. Third-year law students Anna Berger and Zohar Weinbrand, the association’s co-chairs, thought it was […]

January 8, 2015

While on my daily commute past Beal Secondary School, I was impressed to see two students assisting a gentleman in a wheel chair. The gentleman was on the road and unable to reach the side walk due to snow accumulation at the curb. The students were vigorously kicking snow away to clear a path so […]

January 7, 2015

    This blog post was contributed by Joni Dobson,     OTLA Director and Lawyer with Legate & Associates LLP.  With the holidays behind us, and all the full potential of the New Year before us, thoughts sometimes turn to our health. Now is the time to dust off the treadmill, avoid the sugary treats and maybe even […]

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